Wednesday, November 28, 2007

blog 1, post B

The beginning of the book started off with Annabel, the main character, talking about her fight she had with her friend right before school got out for the summer.  It's now summer right before school starts and she is nervous for school to start because she is very nervous of what everyone will think of her.  After the fight she had with her friend, almost everyone hates her including her old friend.  She's always there saying some mean remark to her.  Annabel's never aware that she is going to say something but it always happens when it's most unexpected.  It also tells you about her sisters. They are all models, including Annabel.  he sisters left for modeling in New York.  Her sister Whitney comes back and is skin and bones. She is now anorexic. She ends up in the hospital and has to stay there for a while. Annabel was very worried for her.

blog 1, post A

commentaries (p.12): a comment from someone
accusation(p.12):  accusing someone of doing something

1) She blew at my hair which felt like the blowing it in my face. (p.26) - uses "like"
2) She was allergic to the dog as if she was gaining wait vary fast. (p.34) - uses "as"
3) He looked at her lie she was a stranger he had never met before. (p.23) - uses "like"

"I could still hear her crying, and the sound was awful. But seeing it was worse." - a think that this is significant because it is something that is true in real life.  That a lot of the time seeing something is way worse that hearing it.