Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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In Just Listen, Owen and Annabel were getting closer. Mallory was having a little photo shoot fashion show thing. Annabel went to there because owen had forgot his ipod and coat at her house. Owen is absolutely attached to his ipod. When she got there mallory invited her in. Oven and her got a lot closer and when the girls weren't looking they started to kiss. Right them one of the friends walked in. They then went to a car wash. In the middle of the car wash they started kissing and they got their first real kiss together.

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prerogative (p.180)- 
barbed (p.191)-

-"she was moving her fingers as if it was her own legs swaying to the music." (p.193) - it uses the word "as"
-"i want celery, like it was a double chocolate chip cookie." (p.203) - it uses the word "like"
-"the reflection was as bright as if it was the head light it selfs." (p.211) -it uses the word "as"

"She was talking to me like the past year had never happened." - this quote shows that even if something bad happens in the past it can be over come if you try.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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So far in the book Just Listen, Annabel has become really good friends with Owen Armstrong. Everyone look at them weird because Annabel's the girl that has no friends and same with Owen. He's the guy who punched a guy and went to anger management. They talk all the time during lunch and they always share lunches. Owen has taught Annabel not to lie. They now tell each other everything. Owen is obsessed with music. he even has his own radio station but it plays really weird music that Annabel is honest about and tells him it is very strange music. Annabel is in a fashion show next week and she has to go to the meeting. She sees Owens sister and mom. She was excited to see them. Annabel and her sister Whitney are now better with each other and now they are talking. Her family is also getting better with being around Whitney as well.

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-redirect (p.139)-
-reluctantly (p.153)-

-"My finger tips were like little specks of ice." (p.123) - I know its a simile because it uses the word "like".
-"All i wanted was a scoop of ice cream as if it was a fur ball." (p.142) - i know it's a simile because it uses the word "as".
-"I wanted to take a picture of the flower as if it was a white, beautiful snow storm." (p.147) - I know it's a simile because it has the word "as".

-"Just so you know; that's a serious placeholder." (p.139) - In the book they were talking about the word "like". I think it's a meaningful quote because it's about how people use placeholders to say things. Placeholders don't talk about the real word they mean. 

-Telling what you mean is the emerging theme of the book.

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 In the book Just Listen, i am at the part where Whitney has to get help for her anorexia. She is now at home with her family instead of in New York where she models. Annabel was talking to Sophie, her x- best friend's boyfriend and she got nervous and had to throw up. She quickly ran away but then bumped into Sophie. She started yelling at her. Then she threw up right in front of Sophie and everyone else. It was really embarrassing for her.  She ran behind the bush and started throwing up even more. The guy, Owen Armstrong, who was alway silent and looked really mean came over to her and started talking to here. She was so surprised. he turned out to be really nice. Annabel didn't have a ride home so he offered her a ride. He told her that he really doesn't like liars. She from then on told herself she would try and not lie to herself or other people

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-prognosis (p.59)- A prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease.
-errands (p.82)- A short trip taken to perform a specified task.

-"The CD's were like circles of joy." (p.57) - I know it is a simile because it uses the word "like".
-"It was raining as if dogs and cats were coming own from the sky." (p.76) - I know its a simile because it uses the word "like".
-"He personality was like a blob of nothing." (p.101) - I know its a simile because it uses the word "like".

-"I don't like liars." (p.69) - This quote explains that it's not a good thing to lie and even when your telling the whole story you are still not telling the truth. It also explains that liars are not liked and that when you lie it can into more than what it started out as.

- One emerging theme of the book is when Owen said he does not like liars. He went on for a while about how lying is not a good thing, and no one likes liars.