Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside: post 3

One of the scenes in The Sea Inside I remember was when Ramon was dreaming he was flying to the beach. The camera was tracking and was also a high angle. The effect was that it actually felt that you were the one flying. Another technique that was used had to do with angles. It was eye level and it was used to get down to eye level with Ramon. It gave the feeling that even though Ramon was in bed and weak, he still was important and strong minded. They also used the technique of pan. The camera spun around the room until it got to the person who was talking in the room.

The Sea Inside: post 2

There were a lot of similarities between The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The most obvious one was that in both situations they were paralyzed. They both had the desire to die because they were not satisfied with there life being locked in. They thought that it would be better for them if they were dead rather than alive and suffering. There weren’t many differences between the two. I think that The Sea Inside was more powerful because since he still had that ability to talk, he could really tell others how much he was disliking life. In The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, he could not speak to others about how much he wanted to die. He had to blink to communicate which did not have a much effect.

The Sea Inside: post 1

I really enjoyed The Sea Inside. I thought that Ramon’s request for assisted suicide should have been granted right away. It’s his life and he should have the final say in whether he’s alive or dead. I don’t even think his case should have gone to court. Even though he wanted to die and he couldn’t commit suicide himself, there should have been an exception for him. He shouldn’t have to be suffering when all he wants to do is be dead. I think his friends who assisted him in his suicide were very brave and only wanted the best for Ramon which was death. I think they felt the same way I do about the situation.

Friday, October 26, 2007


In the end of the memoir “Please Stop Laughing at Me”, Jodee had recently switched schools. She had a good first start but as time went on, things started to get worse. It felt just like how elementary school had gone for her. She started getting teased again for doing one thing wrong. All she did was mess up a presentation in front of the class. Everyone saw it and then it got passed around the whole school. She was humiliated. She went through her last two years of school being teased, but she still stuck it out. Finally it was her senior year and she graduated from high school. Jodee went to college for journalism. Five years went by and Jodee went to her high school reunion.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

week 4, part 2

Jodee went to the new school she is now attending. She was very nervous. The first day went by smoothly. Right away when she got there, everyone was introducing themselves to her and being very polite and welcoming. One girl came up to her and asked Jodee to eat lunch with them that day. Jodee was very excited. After a couple of days went by, when Jodee was in class, one girl slipped her a note under her desk. At Jodee’s previous school she was also was passed a note under her desk that had said very unwanted words about her, so when she got this not she was nervous at what it would say. She opened it up and what it said was “you’re really cool!” Jodee was in shock of how everyone liked her. She could not wait to go home and show her parents the note to have proof that she really was liked at her new school.

week 4, part 1

Jodee Blanco had said in Please Stop Laughing at Me, “I swallowed hard, trying to be brave.” (p. 88) This quote helps explain what this book is really about. Jodee might be getting taunted at her schools in some parts of the book, but she still has to be brave to get through her years of school. Please Stop Laughing at Me is all about a girl being bullied at school, and that’s what this is saying.

Monday, October 8, 2007

my D.B.A.T.B. reflection

My reflection on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a positive one. I thought that the book was very detailed and told really what happened to Bauby. All the details in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly really explained to the reader what Bauby was going through and how he overcame the hard times of being locked in. Bauby told the readers about how he would day dream back to when he was not locked in and explain all the exciting times he had experience with his family and friends. He also explained in depth all the day dreams he had that were not real and that he had randomly thought up himself with just one inspiration in mind. The inspirations were simply a photograph, a statue in the hospital or even something Bauby watched on the television. There were some times in the book when it was hard to follow. When it explained Bauby dreaming and then jumped back to reality, in the hospital, it confused me a little on whether or not the hospital part was part of the dream. I was also a little confused on when it explained Bauby out on the shore of the beach. It was a little challenging to determine whether or not that was part of his dream or reality, as well. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was a very interesting book to me and I very much enjoyed it. Bauby explained his never ending fight to survive as long as he could with his locked in syndrome. Bauby really did not realize what he had until it was gone from his life. It really teaches the reader to live to your fullest because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. I think that that was one of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’s main ideas and that it why I enjoyed it so much.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

week 3, part 2

1) The strengths of the book up to this point are that it is filled with detail and tell the reader what is really going on and what it feels like to be in the same position she was in. The weakness is that it can be hard to follow because it skips back to the past and also she grows up fast and moves from grade to grade. My feelings towards the issues brought up on school bullying that are in the book so far are worse than I have seen and heard of at our school. They are way more extreme that at EHS. They talk about everyone circling around the disabled students and chanting to them how much they hate them. I have seen bullying at the schools I have gone to before, but nothing more than a punch or calling someone a name. In Please Stop Laughing at me, it is a worse. I predict that the new school Jodee goes to will be better for her in the beginning, just like the other schools she has gone to but then will get worse, and the other students will start bullying her again. I feel that the book is a good story of someone who is constantly bullied and doesn’t give up in school or anything else. It teaches the reader that you shouldn’t care what other people think of you as long as you accept yourself.

week 3, part 1

1) Jodee was getting teased so much at her school that she decided to go and look at other schools in chance of finding one she like that would possibly have less bullying toward her. She found a school that she didn’t like that much but decided to go there because her mother thought that it would be a good place for her. She was extremely nervous in fear that this school would be that same as her last. The school was an old school. The building was old and made out of dark brick. Behind the school was a “memorial yard”, which was a yard in memorial for people who had gone to that school and had later died. The yard really freaked Jodee out.

2) Jodee Blanco is the author of Please Stop Laughing at Me, Please Stop Laughing at Us, The Complete Guide to Book Publicity, and The Evolving Woman which was written by both Jodee Blanco and Catherine Lanigan. She has worked with New York Times bestselling authors, Academy Award-winning actors, Emmy Awards-winning producers, and Hall of Fame professional athletes. She teaches at New York University and the University of Chicago teaching publishing. Jodee holds a workshop on school bullying at Kishwaukee College for parents, teachers, counselors, and professionals. Law, legal, social services, mental health, and medical are the fields of the professionals.