Sunday, September 30, 2007

week 2

Loaded Words:
1) robust (+) (p.48)
2) sparkling (+) (p.48)
3) babe (-) (p.49)
4) ancient (-) (p.50)
5) moody (-) (p.50)
6) surged (+) (p.52)
7) ridiculed (-) (p.54)
8) withering (-) (p.54)
9) foreboding (-) (p.55)
10) interrogated (-) (p.78)

Short Summary: Jodee starts helping the un again with the special program for the deaf again. She doesn’t let Jo Ellen know that she started the program again. Later that day Jodee stumbled upon her best friend, Jo Ellen, her crush, Greg, and others circled around the disabled children, making fun of them. Jodee when up to them trying to make the other kids stop. She started yelling at them and telling them to leave them alone. The nun came up and all the kids ran away except for Jodee and the disabled children who were crying. The nun wanted to know who started it. Jodee knew who started it but didn’t want to tell her because she knew that everyone would hate her after it. The nun finally got it out of her. She told her that it was Jo Ellen and Greg. Later that day Jodee went back to class. Everyone was ma at her because they knew that it was Jodee who told on them.

Reaction: My reaction is so far that, people shouldn't be making fun of the disabled children. It's not their fault that they have disabilities, and Jodee is doing a good thing by helping them out so they shouldn't be making fun of her either.

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