Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 10 List

Annabel Greene is the main character in “Just Listen”.  She is the type of girl who seems like she has everything, the perfect life.  But in reality she is that girl that no longer has anything.  She is an actress in commercials that makes her look like she has the perfect life, prom queen, dating the captain of the football team.  Her life now has fallen apart because of one of her old friends who assumed something with out knowing the truth.  She told the whole school and now everyone sees her as a “back stabber”.


            Owen Armstrong is another character from “Just Listen”.  He is the guy that everyone is scared of.  No one ever talks to him because of that.  He is obsessed with music and is always determined to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences are. He has his own radio station.  He believes that everyone deserves a chance no matter who they are.


            Sophie is another character from “Just Listen”.  She is that character that “ruined” Annabel’s life.  She is the girl that rules the school.  Everyone cares what she thinks of him or her.  Ever since the fight happened between Sophie and Annabel, she has been known as the ruler of the school, while Annabel has been given the name of the “back Stabber” by Sophie herself.


            The conflict in the interesting story “Just Listen” is that Sophie assumed something without knowing the truth.  She ruined that year of school for Annabel and also took away the only two real friends she had.  Annabel feels like she needs to get her back in a way that gives her the same feeling she got when Sophie did the same to her.


            There is a very strong message in the story “Just Listen”.  The message is for ones not to assume.  In the story, Sophie ruined Annabel’s year of school by assuming something that was never true.  She never had proof that it happened.  Friends should trust friends no matter how hard it is too.  If they’re lying he or she, are not a true friend.


            The plot of the very interesting story “ Just Listen” is almost like any day for a typical teenager.  The plot is the school, the home, the job, and any hang out place for Annabel.  The story is one that could really happen in life. The plot is any place you would see a typical teenage girl at. 


            Another character from “Just Listen” is Clarke.  She was Annabel’s best friend before Sophie came along. They were best friends forever.  She is the kind of girl who really cares what others think of them.  She was also very afraid of breaking the rules. She thought that obeying what every one said was the right thing to do.


            The theme of “Just Listen” is very interesting.  The theme of the story is a girl who from the out side looks like she has everything, but on the outside, she is way different. She is ruined inside.  It’s about a girl trying to recreate her life after an event happened that ruined her reputation at school and also made her lose all her friends.


            Rolly is another character from “Just Listen”.  He is Owens best friend and also works with him at Owens radio station.  He feels he is in love with Clarke, but no one knows it.  He fell in love with her when she punched him at a karate showing.  He had never seen her since then.  He is very nice and is very much like Owen.


            Madison is another character from “Just Listen”. She is also Owens younger sister and thinks Annabel is the coolest person ever.  She had seen her commercials, but when Owen became friends with her, it was the best day of her life. She is also very nice, and ha a lot of friends that truly are not friends.

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