Tuesday, December 4, 2007

post B

So far in the book Just Listen, Annabel has become really good friends with Owen Armstrong. Everyone look at them weird because Annabel's the girl that has no friends and same with Owen. He's the guy who punched a guy and went to anger management. They talk all the time during lunch and they always share lunches. Owen has taught Annabel not to lie. They now tell each other everything. Owen is obsessed with music. he even has his own radio station but it plays really weird music that Annabel is honest about and tells him it is very strange music. Annabel is in a fashion show next week and she has to go to the meeting. She sees Owens sister and mom. She was excited to see them. Annabel and her sister Whitney are now better with each other and now they are talking. Her family is also getting better with being around Whitney as well.

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