Tuesday, December 4, 2007

post B

 In the book Just Listen, i am at the part where Whitney has to get help for her anorexia. She is now at home with her family instead of in New York where she models. Annabel was talking to Sophie, her x- best friend's boyfriend and she got nervous and had to throw up. She quickly ran away but then bumped into Sophie. She started yelling at her. Then she threw up right in front of Sophie and everyone else. It was really embarrassing for her.  She ran behind the bush and started throwing up even more. The guy, Owen Armstrong, who was alway silent and looked really mean came over to her and started talking to here. She was so surprised. he turned out to be really nice. Annabel didn't have a ride home so he offered her a ride. He told her that he really doesn't like liars. She from then on told herself she would try and not lie to herself or other people

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