Sunday, October 14, 2007

week 4, part 2

Jodee went to the new school she is now attending. She was very nervous. The first day went by smoothly. Right away when she got there, everyone was introducing themselves to her and being very polite and welcoming. One girl came up to her and asked Jodee to eat lunch with them that day. Jodee was very excited. After a couple of days went by, when Jodee was in class, one girl slipped her a note under her desk. At Jodee’s previous school she was also was passed a note under her desk that had said very unwanted words about her, so when she got this not she was nervous at what it would say. She opened it up and what it said was “you’re really cool!” Jodee was in shock of how everyone liked her. She could not wait to go home and show her parents the note to have proof that she really was liked at her new school.

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