Sunday, October 7, 2007

week 3, part 2

1) The strengths of the book up to this point are that it is filled with detail and tell the reader what is really going on and what it feels like to be in the same position she was in. The weakness is that it can be hard to follow because it skips back to the past and also she grows up fast and moves from grade to grade. My feelings towards the issues brought up on school bullying that are in the book so far are worse than I have seen and heard of at our school. They are way more extreme that at EHS. They talk about everyone circling around the disabled students and chanting to them how much they hate them. I have seen bullying at the schools I have gone to before, but nothing more than a punch or calling someone a name. In Please Stop Laughing at me, it is a worse. I predict that the new school Jodee goes to will be better for her in the beginning, just like the other schools she has gone to but then will get worse, and the other students will start bullying her again. I feel that the book is a good story of someone who is constantly bullied and doesn’t give up in school or anything else. It teaches the reader that you shouldn’t care what other people think of you as long as you accept yourself.

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